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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Advertisement Various News: Former WWE Diva Wins Ms. Bikini America, TNA Group Name Change Coming and More

Some Saturday news! - Former WWE Diva Krystal Marshall won Ms. Bikini America today. She not only won her height class, but also the overall championship as she beat out more than 400 contestants. Marshall recently had a child.- The baby face group in TNA, who had been going by the name "TNA Originals," will be undergoing a name change, due to many of the guys not being TNA Originals. The new name will be used starting at either the Monday or Tuesday tapings.- 7-Eleven stores have announced that they will begin to carry video games, with Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 being one of the games available.- Former TNA announcer Leticia Cline announced she has to cancel her appearance this weekend at the Boston Mega Fest due to family issues. It turned into a bad situation as she complained that Turnbuckle Promotions is threatening to sue her. The group wasn't paying her to be here. Cline has said due to this situation, she wants nothing to do with the entertainment business any longer and will no longer do anything for TV, print or make any personal appearances.


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