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Thursday, September 25, 2008

WWE divas naked pics

Diva is a term used by the professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to refer to its female talent. The term is applied to women who appear as wrestlers, managers or valets, backstage interviewers, or ring announcers.

Perhaps the first "Diva" in the WWF was Sunny, who was the manager for various wrestlers. The female managerial role was not a new concept in professional wrestling. Miss Elizabeth, Sensational Sherri and Luna Vachon preceded Sunny in the WWF, yet she brought a sexuality to the position that had seldom been seen in the business before.
From 1996 to 1997, Marlena, Sable and Chyna, joined Sunny as prominent female on-air talent in the promotion. Marlena was the manager of Goldust, her then real-life husband and Sable was manager for her then real-life husband, wrestler Marc Mero. Sable quickly eclipsed her husband in popularity Her popularity lead to the re-instatement of the WWE Women's Championship, as well as the hiring of more female performers by the promotion. Sable became the first WWF female to refer to herself as a 'Diva' saying "I am the Diva of the WWF," on the April 19 edition of Raw in 1999. The term was coined instantly. Unlike Jacqueline and Luna, the more physical Divas and experienced wrestlers at the time, Sable later admitted that it was written in her contract that she was not allowed to take bumps Nicknamed "The Ninth Wonder of the World", Chyna debuted as the laconic bodyguard of the popular stable D-Generation X in 1997 and later gained popularity in her own right competing against male wrestlers, even becoming the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship at one point. She held the WWE Intercontinental Championship two times between 1999 and 2000

WWE Babe of the Year (2001 - 2004)
The WWE Babe of the Year contest is a contest where fans get to vote on who is their favorite WWE Diva for that year.
Trish Stratus won the inaugural Babe of the Year competition in 2001. Stratus had her own mini-site on but she left and her photoshoot of choice was a space-type theme. The corresponding mini-site was fittingly named "The Stratusphere." Stratus retained her title in 2002 and received another mini-site on The 2003 edition was again won by Stratus. This time Stratus claimed she would let the fans decide the winner. While picking out her outfits, Trish ran into a fan who said that they would decide everything for her.
Stacy Keibler ended Stratus's reign in 2004 and won the honor, receiving her own mini-site and a photoshoot for every month in the year, sometimes two. The photoshoots were usually themed from the holiday of that month.
Rookie Diva of the Year (2005)
The first and only Rookie Diva of the Year contest was held on the SmackDown! PPV No Way Out 2005, where former WWE Diva Joy Giovanni defeated Michelle McCool, Lauren Jones, and Rochelle Loewen. However, McCool is the only one of the four who ended up receiving wrestling training, improving her abilities, and staying in WWE as of 2008. By this point, Giovanni, Jones, and Loewen have already been released from the company and left the business.

WWE Babe of the Day: Maria

She likes laying the SmackDown.

October 2, 2008 - Babe of the Day and WWE Diva Maria makes moves like "gutbuster" and "headscissors takedown" seem hot. If you haven't seen her, then you're missing this battling babe competing in matches such as "Lingerie Pillow Fight", "Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal" and "Bra & Panties Gauntlet".

Maria can't help but look good, even if she's getting chocolate milk dumped on her by Eugene, or being hosed down with beer by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This year, Maria moved from Raw to Smackdown in the WWE draft. And starting October 3, you'll be able to catch Maria and all of the SmackDown superstars on their new channel, MyNetwork TV.

Maria didn't win the "2004 Raw Diva Search". But she did manage to secure a position on the show as a backstage interviewer. There was no question Maria would not ask. She also catches fans off guard when she hosts the WWE Kiss Cam.

Some people think Maria is a bit ditzy, but she countered those critics when she delivered a very eloquent and intelligent statement at the trial against Eric Bischoff. She also has her own column in the monthly WWE Magazine. Speaking of magazines, Maria was the covergirl for Playboy's April 2008 issue.

Outside the ring, Maria has appeared on an episode of Family Feud with other WWE superstars, and on Project Runway with some of the WWE Divas.

Don't forget, Smackdown is on MyNetwork TV starting October 3rd - that's tomorrow!


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